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Top 10 Ski and Snowboard Vacation Planning Tips
(It's never too early to plan!)

1.    Rent skis -- Leave your skis or board at home if they are more than four years old; leave boots at home if they are more than eight years old.  You'll enjoy and be amazed with the new equipment.

 2.    Plan your vacation now -- call 800-840-5881 -- delay too long and the best accommodations for you may not be available for your dates.

 3.    Start or continue your physical fitness and stretching program -- it's always good.

 4.    Be realistic about a budget -- if you plan to ski for a week for less than it costs you to live at home, you're not being realistic.  Put another way, plan to enjoy your vacation -- some think roughing it is part of the deal, some think it's not -- which are you?

 5.    Plan some activities and a day off -- give yourself a rest and find some of the great activities available -- spa, Nordic skiing, snowmobile tours, snowshoeing, shopping... 

 6.    Buy trip insurance to protect your investment -- but make sure you only buy what you need -- only insure what you can lose after all refunds are taken.

 7.    Renting a car -- be aware of taxes, airport facility fees, and other car rental fees which can exceed 20 percent at some airports -- I will tell you what to expect.  Make sure you get a "skierized rental" including for no additional price ski racks and tires that are appropriate for snowy roads.

 8.    Value your time -- if you spend all your free time over the next two months trying to plan a vacation, you're wasting your time!  Employ the expertise of a Ski Expert (Janet) and the information available on the website; use your time for more important pursuits (see 2 and 3 above).

 9.    Skiing is social -- plan with friends and/or family.  But don't plan on teaching your children/spouse/friends.  Chances are it's better to let a professional do this (if you value your relationships).

10.    Plan to take a lesson on the first day or two to (re)acquire your skiing skills.  This also gets you a professional's tour of which slopes might be the best for you and is a great opportunity to meet people (group lesson).


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Jaunts by Janet Morgan